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Fast Forward – Feeling Stuck

What a week. The beginning saw me returning from my grandparents’ place up in Sunderland a little happier that my Nana has gotten some social stimulus and better nutrition. Throughout the week my project began to develop some semblance of form, but was subsequently hacked down and boiled into its basic constituent forms. From everything I felt like I’d been brought back to nothing.

My meeting with Sion and Jon gave me little hope that my projector concept could be worked upon. I was struggling to get a single sentence in that would describe what was in my head, but even given the opportunity I wasn’t sure what to say. I knew I wanted their help in moving forward with the idea. But getting that elevator pitch level of conciseness and complete understanding wasn’t possible. Everything was too nebulous. And their desire for me to work on another project was just too strong.

The Keycutter keeps coming back to me as an interesting mechanic and potentially strong theme with characters and stories and more. But it’s only part of my story…

And now I’m at a bit of a crossroads. In one direction lies a fresh start, a scary gulf that I’m completely baffled as to how to cross. The otherside of that ravine promises success, while over here on the ledge there are only notions of the crossing. A game that helps people? A game that challenges my artistic ability? A game that tells a story? A game that uses complex, intricate and beautiful systems? A game in real world spaces? A game involving festivals?

It's all mapped out for all to see, but I still arrived at the wrong castle grrrrrrrrr
It’s all mapped out for all to see, but I still arrived at the wrong castle grrrrrrrrr

The crossroads leads elsewhere also. Looking away from the ravine I can still make out the dim form of my projector idea, reduced now to something simpler. The use of found images, photographs, projection and hand drawn animations. Puzzles. Puzzles puzzles puzzles. I’m desperate to explore it further and there are people interested in the aesthetic. I think it answers a lot of my questions in its simplicity yet the connections are currently only in my mind…

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