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Añuli and Obi

“Añuli and Obi” was the result of an intense month of research, cultural exchange and technical uphill struggles. Please watch this first part of the game.

Amidst the 2014 outbreak of Ebola in West Africa a Liberian market vendor grabs the wrist a 14 year old boy stealing from her stall who she begins to fear is infected with the disease. Will she call in her suspicions at the risk of being persecuted herself?
Will she overcome her fear and prejudices surrounding Ebola to comfort the boy who has lost almost everything?

The choice is in your hands.

The interactive scene was designed for the Moments of Consequence project in the first year of my NFTS Games Design and Development course.
The form of the project as you see it is still in pre-alpha, however we are looking to build upon these foundations in the future with a more realistic potrayal of West African life.

Millie Marsh
Anuli and Obi is a rare gem of a project that delves into the heart of the global health crisis of Ebola. Kai's dedication to exploring the personal and emotional impact of this deadly epidemic on rural communities has been a hugely worthwhile venture. This project deserves our support in its development to bring the message to new audiences who may only see the impact of Ebola through its devastating - but distancing - statistics.