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Anthony’s story is yours to decide in this narrative puzzle game coming soon to tablets. His memories are captured within the many paintings hung along the gallery. As curator of these ...

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Interactive Playable Bottles

Interactive Playable Bottles: Tootman & Shipwrecked Video Password: bottles I had the good fortune to work with James Wheale (director of Understory) and Pete Bennett (researcher in human-computer interfaces at the University ...

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Deckbound Quest

I was employed from 2015 to 2017 as a Lead Developer for game studio Deckbound LLC. In late 2016 the game I worked on - Deckbound Quest - was Greenlit ...

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HSI: Health & Safety

HEALTH AND SAFETY INVESTIGATIONS is a series of short investigative games commissioned by IOSH (The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health: a British organisation for health and safety professionals) looking ...

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