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Anthony’s story is yours to decide in this narrative puzzle game coming soon to tablets. His memories are captured within the many paintings hung along the gallery. As curator of these ...

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Añuli and Obi

"Añuli and Obi" was the result of an intense month of research, cultural exchange and technical uphill struggles. Please watch this first part of the game. Amidst the 2014 outbreak of ...

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Hello World

I worked on this project, aptly named "Hello World", in the first three months of my time on the Games Design and Development MA at the National Film and Television ...

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Code Camp

After working hard on the Hello World project I was thrust into the NFTS Code Camp - a mini-course taught by Richard Fine on the foundational principles of OO-programming. We ...

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Gourd Season

WARNING: Curses and Shapely Vegetables! "Gourd Season" is a fun-filled 'proof of concept' piece about censorship and hilarious swearing, developed for the 1st Year Synthespians project at the National Film and ...

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