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here are my pro


Clio’s Cosmic Quest Magic Leap

Adventure through the XR cosmos and hold the solar system in your hands in your Magic Leap!

Tracing Tomorrow

A research-driven narrative game for the University of Oxford, exploring prediction and early intervention in mental health.

Drive That Train

An immersive, stand-out museum experience allowing visitors to experience what it feels like to be a train driver.

Utah Climate Challenge

An onsite multiplayer game impacting behaviour around issues of sustainability, biodiversity, population growth and urban sprawl!

Happy Meal App

Nearly 3 years of delivering on pitching, concept design and level design on the internationally distributed Happy Meal App.

Projects In The Works [Locked]

Some more PRELOADED projects coming soon! (Once I can talk about them they'll appear here)


Revolution: An immersive theatre game experience.


A game about building a movement and realising our agency to turn around the 2017 UK election.

Death Lunge

Fast-finger action coming soon to a pub near you!


As the new curator of a strange art gallery you must aid Anthony in his quest for redemption

Interactive Playable Bottles

Blow across the top of the bottle “toot!” and interact with content on your phone

Power Story

A participatory theatre game exploring where we source our energy from in the UK

Deckbound Quest

I was lead developer on a card-based dungeon survival game by Deckbound

Mr Dile Crocodile

English gentlecroc! A mini games-jam with talented Japanese artist Kaoru Shimada

Threshold Fesitval App

Retrieve Dr Pioneer from the Retrofuture dimension with the Forgotten Futures App


Rapidly made FPS game for the NFTS graduation film "Nothing's Going To Change My World"

Codename: REMOTE

We are here to help you be more like people like you. Let’s imagine Sally. You are all playing Sally. Let’s see [...]

NERF Battle Liverpool

The Perk Generator App! Will you be sent back into battle empty handed? Or with an Extra Life and a Bigger Gun!

HSI: Health & Safety

A series of short investigative games looking at H&S issues, targeted at young people

It Starts With A Square

You are a square. Use the pulse, acquired along the way, to locate and release the ‘identities in crisis’

Añuli and Obi

Amidst the 2014 outbreak of Ebola in West Africa a Liberian market vendor grabs the wrist a 14 year old boy.

Science Innit?

I was asked to help with animating a Robotic Cat for a television game show pilot "Science Innit?" at the NFTS.

Hello World

Our team of eight students was tasked with telling a story through a 3D environment and interactions.

Code Camp

A mini-course taught by Richard Fine on the foundational principles of OO-programming.

Gourd Season

WARNING: Curses and Shapely Vegetables! "Gourd Season" is a fun-filled 'proof of concept' piece about censorship [...]


A hectic game of clone-management and creating the perfect mood for an unforgettable date!


"Playfort" is a local multiplayer tablet and smartphone game about defending your pillow fort.







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