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Clio’s Cosmic Quest Magic Leap

My Role

Game Designer, Level Designer

UX Designer, Narrative Designer

The Platform

Magic Leap

My Tools

Unity3D, Miro, Google Slides

Jira, Slack

  • Brought an existing AR application to the Magic Leap, transitioning into Mixed Reality with voice control and hand tracking.

  • Designed new interactions between the player’s hands and the dynamically generated cosmic-themed environment.

  • Mapped out existing UX against Magic Leap’s affordances, and adapted narrative to better fit the new experience.

  • Contributed to the design of entirely new feature: an interactive solar system that can be revisited after completing the main story.

Enter the world of spatial computing and meet Clio – a particle of star dust with a big dream!

My role: Lead Game Designer on Magic Leap port

Clio’s Cosmic Quest is a result of PRELOADED’s partnership with Wonderscope – an AR storytelling application that asks players to become part of the story. While the phone / tablet focused product was being developed, PRELOADED pitched to Magic Leap for a creative production grant to bring the game into the Magic Leap ecosystem.

Viewing cute, responsive characters and galactic objects through the Magic Leap One headset required our team to reconsider how AR interactions would translate into physical gestures. My job was to explore new mechanics for spatialised play and adapt the script to ensure players were guided correctly through the ported experience.

Please take a look at the video above to see some gameplay.

To find out more check out the project page on the PRELOADED website.