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My Role

Level Designer, Game Designer

Unity Developer

The Platform

Web Browser


My Tools

Unity3D, Adobe CC

Slack, Visual Studio Community

  • Worked remotely with an international team to bring a powerful political statement to life.

  • Co-designed level configurations with other team members.

  • Assisted in implementing art assets, audio assets, and VFXs to garner the greatest game feel.

Rebuild and transform Britain For The Many, Not The Few.

Play the game on Android here! (Previously also a webgame)

In CorbynRun you play as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn taking money back from Theresa Mayhem and her army of tax dodgers and Tories. Gather People Power, launch Labour manifesto pledges, defeat the Tories.

My role as a designer and Unity developer was to assist Federico Fasce in implementing key mechanical and aesthetic features in the app. CorbynRun was created in total by a group of 9 Labour-supporting game designers, developers, activists, musicians and artists keen on contributing to the Labour campaign. We’re an international team too, including Spanish and Italians, who’ve lived in the UK for years but can’t vote – but wanted to make an input into the election of a Labour government.

Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell says:

“Great initiative from Labour supporters. The Tories may own the media but it’s the people whose creativity will win.”

The above trailer is for the 2019 update to the game. I worked on the original 2017 version.

"Kai joined the CorbynRun project in the most messy, hectic time, just a few days before deadline. He has proven an invaluable help, going immediately deep in the project and easily building up upon the existing code. Kai is a bright game developer who also can provide great insight on game design and feel"