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Dance Of Masks

My Role

Lead Game Designer, Narrative Designer

The Platform

PC + Mac + Mobile App

My Tools

Richcast Story Editor, Google Docs, Artbreeder, Miro, Discord

  • Crafted an original fantasy concept that focuses on the strengths of the Richcast storytelling platform

  • Designed and implemented the branching narrative structure

  • Wrote over 30k words in collaboration with writer Kayte Wilson

  • Engaged in the early access phase of the platform, providing feedback to improve the Richcast toolset

  • Used AI generation platform Artbreeder to quickly mock up visuals for the story

Did you hear that? There’s a commotion in the village. Normally it would be Gwen’s job to shake you out of slumber, but… she’s gone along with the others. Want to go look?

So begins Dance of Masks, the first choose-your-own-adventure audiobook experience in a series of works planned around a fictional fantasy-steampunk world called The Seventh Continent. 

The story centres on Layla, a young witch in training who must rescue her sister Gwendolyn from the sinister Crafters and their steam-powered monsters. In the face of a powerful technology-obsessed nation and its cruel rulers, Layla must use stealth to steal aboard an airship in search of Gwen. With her spirit guardian and a magical charm close at hand, Layla is able to steal the identity of anyone she meets – doing so allows her to infiltrate the masquerade ball on the airship. Players must convince and manipulate the guests to give up enough information, all while taking into account the pre-existing relationships between high profile socialites, generals and scientists attending the party. One wrong phrase or poor imitation could result in capture! Collect enough information to find Gwendolyn and escape.

Panivox co-founder and CEO Andy Oliver (also of Blitz Games) contacted several narrative designers to commission pieces for early access of the Richcast platform. He noticed some of my previous work with the National FIlm and Television School and asked me to take a look at their ‘No Code’ story creation tools.

Dance of Masks uses Richcast to create a fully voice acted experience, with voice-to-text recognition allowing players to use their own voice to select from a wide variety of options at each choice moment. Will you approach the General disguised as the flirtatious Lady Kestrel? And if so, what aspect of their relationship will you lean on? 

Early prototypes used AI generated art from the Artbreeder website to quickly iterate on character and environmental art concepts. Miro was used as the main mind mapping, storyboarding and facilitation tool to develop the plot, character relationships, and narrative possibilities.

Made in collaboration with my friend Kayte Wilson, a writer, D&D roleplayer and voice actor. Dance of Masks is planned to be released on the Richcast platform in late 2022 – stay tuned!