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Deckbound Quest

I was employed from 2015 to 2017 as a Lead Developer for game studio Deckbound LLC. In late 2016 the game I worked on – Deckbound Quest – was Greenlit on Steam.

Deckbound Quest is a single-player, dungeon explorer that allows you to use your collection of Deckbound cards (powered by the blockchain) to complete quests in procedural and crafted dungeons.

– Control a party of 3 pilgrims with a single deck

– Explore different environments with different creatures and features

– Choose your party of pilgrims, each with different abilities

– Build your deck with 4 different card types — Heroes, Minions, Structures and Runes

– Equip different behaviours and secondary effects on levelled up cards

– Rich user-generated content system allows you to create, share, compete in and rate dungeons

Deckbound Quest plays as a turn-based game, with the dungeon and its creatures responding every time you instruct a pilgrim or take an action with one of your cards. It requires careful planning and selection of pilgrim and card abilities to make it through a stage of the dungeon and through the next portal.

The Deckbound Card system is a new and exciting approach to player-owned cards that:

– Allows players to use the same collection of cards in different games

– Allow players to trade, lend and exchange cards

– Has a permanent public history of issue, levelling and augmentation

– Will offer a “Nomad pool” system for anonymous lending of cards — put your cards in the Nomad Pool so other people can try out the game and level up your cards while doing so.

More information about the Deckbound card system can be found at