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Drive That Train

My Role

Level Designer, Game Designer

Sound Designer

The Platform

Physical Train Cab Interface

Projected Screen + Cab-Mounted Screens

My Tools

Unity3D, Miro, Google Slides

Jira, Slack

  • Created an engaging modern-age train simulator for London Transport Museum visitors, young and old.

  • Experience became so popular that a supplemental portable version had to be made to address crowding issues.

  • Storyboarded, prototyped and iterated upon designs across eight screens, representing onboard warning and instructions, train station cameras, and the view out of the front of the train.

  • Presented and refined a ‘stopping distance’ evaluation feature that informed players of how well they were arriving at stations. 

  • Rapidly sketched out levels to provide realistic and interesting routes for a London Underground train. Worked with artists to make adjustments to designs to match client feedback.

  • Added Inspector tools and level design tools to help with tweaking the feel, audio and aesthetics of each level.

Live your train driving dreams on a London Underground simulator!

My role: Lead Game Designer

PRELOADED received a creative brief from the London Transport Museum to develop a physical train simulator installation as part of the Year of Engineering FUTURE ENGINEERS exhibit. The new Elizabeth underground line was to be showcased as part of the installation. The resulting exhibit was made so popular by enthusiastic young train drivers that PRELOADED was asked to make a ‘portable’ single-screen version that could be played anywhere in the museum!

I was on site to test the virtual train simulation, designed the track layout and developed console communication elements with the lead artist. Building a physical game to be played by thousands of young train enthusiasts challenged us gets hands on with train control systems and prototypes.

Visit the London Transport Museum to experience the Drive That Train installation!
To find out more check out the project page on the PRELOADED website.