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Fellow NFTS student Sam Browne and I were approached by Philip McGoldrick, a Fiction Director also at the National Film and Television School and in his final year.

His grad film “Nothing’s Going To Change My World” required a scene in which a group of teenagers in a 1990’s English seaside town get together to have a Computer LAN party. They required two games to be displayed on the screens (both on set, and in post production). The first game should show the positive community aspects of gaming and allow two characters to meet (as if in an MMORPG). The second needed to be competitive and violent, a reference to the FPS games of the 1990’s.

Here’s a trailer for NGTCMW:

GUNTROPHEYZ was an answer to the second brief. Inspired by Doom, Counterstrike, Quake and Unreal Tournament, the game was quickly crafted in Unity3D using standard assets and C# coding.

A shader effect was used on the camera to make the graphics look as if they were on an old screen – see the Flashback 94 Shader Pack.