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Happy Meal App

My Role

Level Designer, Game Designer

Unity Developer, Sound Designer

The Platform

Apple iPhone, iPad

Android Devices

My Tools

Unity3D, Miro, Google Workspace

Jira, Slack, Visual Studio Community

  • Designed a wide range of exciting minigames for a variety of well known kids brands.

  • Created rough-and-ready prototypes within templated ‘game shapes’ focused on helping young players express their creativity and emotions, explore their motor skills, and test out logic and sequencing challenges. 

  • Also innovated on new game templates for specific clients, including AR and tilt control variants.

  • Built up my camera, character and game feel configuration skills, ensuring that core loops were engaging enough to support progression and unlockable customisation.

  • Extensive experience of rapid turnaround production lifecycles within Agile small to medium teams, and worked closely with producers to give realistic estimates and flag risks.

  • Added Inspector debug, diagnostic, and level design tools to make the whole team’s workflow more efficient.

  • Configured testing tools and test plans for a wide variety of scenarios. Performed live user testing and market research with target youth and adult audiences.

A world-spanning app played at home or in restaurants – bringing everyone’s favourite brands to life!

When I joined PRELOADED I was brought on as a game and level designer for the Happy Studio restaurant app (now named the Happy Meal App). I’ve now worked as lead designer on many branded license updates of the app over almost 3 years of the product’s lifecycle. Games made for the app must follow transformational learning frameworks developed by experts in education and play. Each license requires our team to pitch templated game ideas to McDonald’s while innovating using the content and concepts behind each licensed brand.

Licenses I’ve conceived, designed and QA’d for include:

  • Warner Brothers – SCOOB 2020
  • Illumination + Rubik’s Cube
  • National Geographic
  • Roald Dahl
  • Pikmi Pops
  • Gobsmax
  • Minions


I’ve also done concept development for new feature improvements such as bringing AR Happy Meal Box experiences (Scan the Smile) into the app.

HMA is a global live ops product deployed and localised in 110 countries around the world on Apple and Android devices. McDonald’s relationship managed by our client R/GA, who we work closely to hone the appropriate use of the branded content in each concept.

Visit the McDonald’s website to download the Happy Meal App.
To find out more check out the project page on the PRELOADED website.