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Headspace VR on Quest 3

My Role

Level Designer, Game Designer

Unity Developer

The Platform

Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest 2

My Tools

Unity3D, Miro, Google Slides

Jira, Slack, Visual Studio Code

  • Contributed to core design of a mindful movement game within Headspace’s new VR app. Players use arm movements (tai-chi meets Beat Saber) to play with flow, get a good stretch and energise their day.

  • Designed 30+ unique levels in Unity, taking the player on a journey through their body’s movement capabilities. Levels required precise move-set sequencing, a balanced rhythm and flow, and consideration for headset view limitations.

  • Added Inspector diagnostic tools and level design tools to help with tweaking the feel, audio and aesthetics of each level.

  • Further details under NDA, please see for future updates on the project..

Most of the info about this project is under a Non Disclosure Agreement. Please check out the video and summary below:

A virtual playground for the mind. A place to hang out with friends, play and find your flow.

Headspace for Quest 3 is an upcoming Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality app centered on embodied mindfulness practice. The company Headspace are renowned for their audio based meditation and wellness app; their collaboration with Meta and Nexus Studios offers a unique opportunity for them to expand their mental health resources and make their service more accessible to people around the world.

Key focus areas are:  “Mindfulness experiences that calibrate your mind and body to improve your performance across any VR apps you use”  and  “Mindfulness experiences that help you transition out of VR and back to the real world”.

Stay tuned for more info on how Headspace’s distinctive brand and personality has been integrated with body movement exercises, breath work, and many more activities aimed at creating a safe, fun and social environment.