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HSI: Health & Safety

HEALTH AND SAFETY INVESTIGATIONS is a series of short investigative games commissioned by IOSH (The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health: a British organisation for health and safety professionals) looking at health and safety issues, targeted at young people who are new to the workplace. The first game (seen above) is currently in prealpha development.

The games are experienced as single episodes, each of which will deal with a particular health and safety hazard or mishap which has taken place in a work environment. The player character is an investigator – part of a team of two – who are called to the scene to figure out what’s gone wrong.

The format parodies shows such as CSI, with a humorous yet deadpan delivery which counterpoints the more sobering undertone of the subject matter.

My role on the HSI project has ranged from coding C# in Unity3D, animation in iClone, rigging in Mixano and 3DSMax, and creating artwork in Photoshop.