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It Starts With A Square

Submission from the NFTS to the UKIE Games Jam 2015 in May! This year’s theme was IDENTITY.

Made by Sam Browne, Blaise Imiołczyk, Claudio Pollina, Laura Dodds, Jameela Khan and Kai Oliver.

You are a square. Use the pulse, acquired along the way, to locate and release the ‘identities in crisis’ within the black circles. Maybe you’ll get somewhere to resolve the crisis within yourself.

Games Engine:
Unity 5

Unity 5


● (‘Analog’ by Moby);
● Audacity software

"I worked with Kai making 'It Starts with a Square' for a game jam with the theme of Identity Crisis. Throughout the whole process, Kai was an indispensable member of the team and a joy to work with. During the early stages, Kai's creative and original concepts energised the team and helped develop the core idea for the game. I was really impressed with Kai's ability to oversee the whole project and remain organised during what can be quite frantic and intense experience. We were a small team of six and so Kai's talent and experience in multiple aspects of games design and development was also an essential component."
Laura Dodds
Fellow Student