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Anthony’s story is yours to decide in this narrative puzzle game coming soon to tablets.

His memories are captured within the many paintings hung along the gallery. As curator of these images you hold a special relationship with his memories. Rearranging the exhibit into correct patterns will help Anthony tackle his guilt, fear and frustration before the true test: getting him face up to the daughter he abandoned 15 years ago.

Your own experiences with family relationships, loss, and memory will all influence how you play Keyframe.

Keyframe has been in development (in Unity3D) since it began as a graduate project at the National Film and Television School. I am project lead, lead programmer and artistic director. At its peak we had a team of 12 contributing artists, animators, screen writers, voice actors, sound designers, composers and project managers… we’ve now reduced to only artists, animators and sound designers and are working hard to finally deliver this app to mobile devices.

You can find out more about Keyframe at and @keyframegame (Both now on hiatus)