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NERF Battle Liverpool

The ‘Perk Generator’ App! Will you be sent back into battle empty handed? With a few extra bullets? Or with an Extra Life and a Bigger Gun!

In 2015 Nerf Liverpool launched their Nerf Battle Games at the Threshold Festival of Music & Arts alongside an accompaning app “Perk Generator” that I coded and developed in Unity. Check out @nerf_liverpool and their Facebook page for more.

The battles were set up in a similar way to a paintball match inside a warehouse in the Batlic Triangle area. The app was unique in that it was used by Nerf Liverpool within the battles to augment the player’s experience! Two tablets were placed at bases at either end of the battlefield. When a player was taken out by an opponent they would return to their base and tap the app to randomly generate a Perk that would be distributed by a marshall.

Perks included better guns, extra ammunition, shields, and even an extra life!

"Lovely stuff! Working with Kai was no shot in the dark.
The prototype he made really gave us an edge over other NERF offerings."