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Nuwa World

Most of the info about this project is under a Non Disclosure Agreement. Please read a brief summary below:
My Role

Lead Game Designer,

Unity Developer, Project Manager

The Platform

iOS Mobile App

My Tools

Unity3D, Miro, Twine,

Google Slides + Docs + Sheets

  • Revamped and iterated upon game design and economy design for a social MMO that targeted young people entering the job market.

  • Iterated upon designs across concept decks, feature decks, and a living game design document.

  • Developed rapid protoypes in Unity and Twine for social mini games and activities, narrative demos, and camera / locomotion tests.

  • As a part time project manager: interviewed, recruited and mentored new team members across art, UX and development disciplines; delivered project plans, timelines; and helped run prioritisation meetings.

  • Further details under NDA, please see for future updates on the project.

Your resume is not the complete YOU, so why let it sell you short? Build your career prospects around what matters.

Nuwa World is a gamified social platform for job seekers where your presence in the online world makes all the difference.

Develop your skills and network. Take time to assess what your next steps could be with research-informed mini games and assessments.

Build a story around your professional experience, personality, passions and interests, and beyond. 

Then share that story with friends, other members and potential employers.

Use your expressive, personalised avatar to explore playful settings, meet others, attend events, and even partake in interviews that could land you the job of your dreams.

It’s time to make your career journey way more fun. Welcome to Nuwa World.