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Power Story

POWER STORY 2016 from Blooming Ludus on Vimeo.

In December 2015, days after the Paris climate summit, the UK government issued 159 new licenses for fracking in an attempt to decrease the country’s dependency on imported energy. Local councils rejected some proposals yet the government decided not to recognize their decisions by changing the legal process of energy development.

To inspire conversation around energy use in the UK, I worked with my fiancée Francine Dulong and her company Blooming Ludus to create Power Story: a fusion of live action boardgame drawn on the ground, participatory theatre, and political activism. I have been offering ongoing consultancy on how to structure the theatre show to include game-like elements and helped playtest the initial prototypes of the show. Power Story has been performed at The Round House and Camden’s People’s Theatre, both in London.

Check out Blooming Ludus’s website here