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Tracing Tomorrow

Can an algorithm know you better than you know yourself? Who, if anyone should be allowed to track your digital data?

My role: Lead Game Designer, Lead Narrative Designer

Oxford University’s NEUROSOC department approached PRELOADED and our youth marketing partner Livity with a brief to make a research / citizen science web game. The subject of the game focuses on the ethical challenges young Brits aged 16-18 face around the early risk prediction of mental health challenges, and the impact that monitoring technology can have on your daily life.

Collecting data was an essential aspect of the game. The multiple choice decisions made in the game mapped to Oxford’s research into the opinions of young people.

Issues in this topic relevant to young people range from identity, to trust, to how willing you are to seek further risk information.

I brought my game design, storytelling and product design skills to the project as Lead Designer. The end product collected large samples of data from young participants about their views on the topic, and the built-in social sharing features + targeted marketing campaign helped to reach a diverse sample set.

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