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Utah Climate Challenge

Change the diverse landscape of Utah whilst satisfying the needs of its people – but avoid catastrophic climate meltdown while you do it!

My role: Game Feature Designer

PRELOADED designed, developed, and delivered the Utah Climate Challenge project in 2018 – a multiplayer live installation game about the impact of development on the environment. It currently operates as part of the main Natural History Museum of Utah exhibit.

One of my first projects at PRELOADED was to update the initial delivery with a new set of interactions, balancing, and UI changes to address the live data of the installation in the museum.

The ask for design was to create new interactive elements to the tablet stations to deliver more information and get players more excited about the outcomes of long term play. We created ranked titles based off of how each player chose to affect the environment.

Visit the Natural History Museum of Utah to play Utah Climate Challenge.
To find out more check out the project page on the PRELOADED website.