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What is Project Duality?


What is Project Duality?

Project Duality for Android and iOS tablets is a narrative tile puzzle game about Anthony, a father trying to reconnect with his daughter Clio.

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Drag and scale the borders surrounding Anthony’s tile to reveal more of his world, which in turn trigger memory tiles that may help his goal of redemption, or obstruct his journey with demons from the past. As Anthony reveals more memories, you will have to move and change the shape of the tiles to change Anthony’s relationship to his memories.


Why This Game?

I’m really interested in the exploration of memory, and how the understanding of our past experiences changes significantly over time. The name “Duality” comes from this idea of dual causality, a reminder that our memories affect our present action, and our present changes our associations with our memories.


What’s The Story?

The story of Anthony and Clio seemed like a natural one to tell in the framework of dual causality. On one side is a father who abandoned his family long ago. On the other is a grown woman trying to start her own family in the absence of a father figure. How they both remember each other is lost in fragmented recollections, some pleasant, others awful. A middle-aged Anthony returns to the once quiet haven of Nine Oaks, Surrey to visit Clio after 18 years to find that everything has changed. Few parts of the town are even recognisable. As he roams around Nine Oaks disorientated and guilt ridden, it’s up to the player to change Anthony’s fate through his memories. Anthony’s chance at being back in Clio’s life is determined by your actions.


How Do I Play?

Anthony’s story is told through two types of tile that appear on the screen and you can manipulate these tiles to change the story. Think of each chapter in the game as a puzzle that has multiple solutions, and in reaching these solutions you will alter Anthony’s tale.

The Main tile (or Anthony’s tile) contains the present day Nine Oaks. It usually only ever shows a glimpse of the town environment. By dragging the boundaries of the tile you begin to reveal more of the scene bit by bit. Anthony will automatically interact with any important objects or people currently contained within the Main tile, so the larger you make the tile the more options he has. These options lead to a solution to the chapter. As Anthony comes into contact with other people and places these options will also change.

Memory tiles however stop any other tile from expanding past their own boundaries! They are created whenever you expand the Main tile over any phemonena that induce a memory in Anthony’s mind. Some disappear unless you tap them straight after being revealed. These tiles will begin get in your way so in order to reach a solution to each chapter you must rearrange their layout.

Everything in Nine Oaks can potentially create memories.

Memories also represent choice. At key moments in the game Anthony will be challenged to make a difficult decision or overcome a tricky obstacle. He can use his memories like powerups to help him make the right (or wrong) choice! To enable a Memory tile this to do this you need to expand the tile enough to reveal something new about that memory.

To reach the different solutions for each chapter you will have to balance creating powerup Memory tiles with maintaining enough options for Anthony in the Main tile.


When Can I Play?

By September I hope to have the first of three Acts ready to show as a demo. The full game will be an hour long experience so expect a good chunk to try out at EGX in Birmingham!



  • steevio
    at 7 years ago

    Wow, sounds tripped out !
    like the style !

  • Jemma
    at 7 years ago

    What an interesting concept! Looking forward to seeing it in action.


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